Hidden Curtains, Apparent Curtains

April 5 - 16 2024

Press Release

O Gallery presents “Hidden Curtains, Apparent Curtains”, a group exhibition curated by Boyeh Sadatnia.
The pursuit of truth has always been our concern; moving beyond the surface of things and reaching what lies beneath, discovering the connections between matters and delving into their hidden depths; even though we are simultaneously mask-makers and veil-wearers as well. To be is a side of being and just as our world shapes us, we also shape ourselves. We classify, categorize and as we organize our world, we formulize it. We are the moderators of our own order. Every time we discover the world, we add a layer to what existed before; as if a new curtain of a new show is dropped.
The playful artist, like a child, sets aside the stage curtain and cunningly peers behind the scenes. As if they know that this curtain is the same as their canvas. They know that this curtain has manipulators and that some have raised curtains for us.
As a child plays with the stage curtain, the world behind the curtain unfolds for the audience, and we once again find ourselves allowed a momentary glimpse behind the curtain of the world.

- Boyeh Sadatnia


Sara Abbasian, Saba Alizadeh, Samila Amirebrahimi, Sepideh Azadmehr, Sanahin Babajanians, Nasser Bakhshi, Challengeeerrr (Saeed Mirzaei- Milad Nabizadeh), Amir Dehghanzadeh, Shima Esfandiyari, Mohammad Hamzeh, Mehrdad Jafari, Alireza Jodey, Mohammad Hossein Maher, Parsoua Mahtash, Arpineh Margoosian, Omid Mehdizadeh, Payam Mofidi, Houman Mortazavi, Morteza Mottaghi, Milad Mousavi, Saba Niazmand, Shahgol Safarzadeh, Baktash Sarang, Sima Shahmoradi