Ashkan Sanei’s (b. 1984 Urumieh) aesthetics is based on destruction and repetition and when it comes to working, he swings between creation and destruction like a pendulum. He believes that drawing, as an untainted media, maintains the minimum gap to the artist’s mind and provides him with the opportunity to experiment.  In his practice, there is a tangible connection between the subject and material. His choice of medium being paper, the fragility and vulnerability of it allows him to leave traces behind rather than specific objects, reminiscing rather than directly indicating. 
Poetry and geometry inspire him and bring him closer to the visual traditions and literary culture of his homeland, Iran. In his different bodies of works, he essentially rewrites what’s already been said and done hundreds of times before in his own contemporary language.

Ashkan Sanei currently lives and works in Tehran. He received his master's degree in painting from Azad University of Tehran in 2011.  He has participated in many solo and group exhibitions since 2007 and his works are part of several prominent private collections.