Group Exhibition
Opening: July 28, 2017

O Gallery is pleased to announce the second edition of 3 on 3, a valuable platform for emerging artists. Consisting of 2 exhibitions, each of these 2-week shows during the summer, showcase the work of 3 artists. Each selected artist will present a solo body of work at one of [...]

July 28  -  August 8 2017

Section 41
Opening: July 14, 2017

- Section 41 - They have escaped faith - Beliefs change, so do times - A review of history, such as life - Mummified corpses, a yellow leaf brought about from nowhere in the water, frozen in the moment, lost in history, framed on the gallery wall. Not the gallery, [...]

July 14  -  July 25 2017

Deceit and Turmoil
Opening: June 30, 2017

To me a checkered pattern represents a scattered contradiction, be it an all white checked to black and white checked patterns that represent a stark contrast, war and conflict. The contrast between in(side) and out(side), the reality and illusion, the reality and truth, the contrast between the confused reality and [...]

June 30  -  July 11 2017

Out of Tune Strings, Botched Stitches
Opening: June 2, 2017

O Gallery is pleased to present "Out of Tune Strings, Botched Stitches, " Zahra Imani's (b. 1985, Tehran) first solo exhibition. Much like a dexterous tailor who unthreads a fabric without scissor and through a small tear, Zahra Imani in Out of Tune Strings, Botched Stitches draws the attention of [...]

June 2  -  June 23 2017

The Light Reaching From Afar
Opening: May 19, 2017

O Gallery presents The Light Reaching from Afar, Elham Yazdanian’s second solo show with the gallery. The collection on display consists of 20 drawings and 8 paintings in different dimensions from very small works on paper to mid-size canvas paintings. The black and white drawings are achieved in mostly pencil [...]

May 19  -  May 30 2017

Opening: May 5, 2017

Omid Bazmandegan (b. 1976), born and raised in Shiraz, often portrays the landscapes and people of his birthplace.  His paintings turn urban landscapes into silent and impressive scenes of the timeless affair between life and death. Some of his work depict a city, deep in massive dirt. however, the presence [...]

May 5  -  April 16 2017

The Earth
Opening: April 21, 2017

O Gallery presents “The Earth, ” a new collection of works by Niloofar Lohrasbi (b. 1984). The collection on display, the product of the artist’s work since 2015, consists of a selection of works on paper, sculptures and installation. “The Earth, ” in its motion and stillness, like a [...]

April 21  -  May 2 2017

Off-Screen Sound
Opening: April 7, 2017

O Gallery presents “Off-Screen Sound, ” a collection of videos, sounds and installations by Shirin Mohammad (b. 1992 Tehran). Off-Screen Sound refers to sound that is part of a scene but its origin is unknown to the viewer, from a source outside of the visible frame. “Off-Screen Sound” is a [...]

April 7  -  April 18 2017

Group Exhibition
Opening: March 10, 2017

The exhibition on view was only possible with the help of Ashkan Sanei and the generosity of Fereydoun Ave. The exhibition “List II - works on paper, ” is defined not by artistic medium, historic period or the identity of the artist but by the material on which the artwork [...]

March 10  -  April 3 2017

Opening: February 24, 2017

O Gallery in collaboration with Naranj Gallery (Shiraz) presents “Pause, ” a new collection of oil paintings by Zahrah Gharakhani (b. 1980, Isfahan). In her realistic depiction of mostly outdoor spaces; alleys, houses, parking lots and such, Zahra Gharakhani expresses her interpretation of “gazing.” In her statement, the artist [...]

February 24  -  March 7 2017

Group Exhibition
Opening: February 17, 2017

Hezar Dastan I. Origin of the Light - Curated by Leo Rodriguez and Mehdi Darvishi II. Mutual Language - Curated by Ryan O'Malley and Mehdi Darvishi III. International Mezzotint Exchange Portfolio - Curated by Linda Whitney and Mehdi Darvishi

February 17  -  February 22 2017

Rambling Postscripts
Opening: February 3, 2017

O Gallery is pleased to present Rambling Postscripts, showcasing the latest collection of works on paper and six light boxes by Ghazal Khatibi (b.1984, Kermanshah). The series begun in 2012 as an ongoing exploration of the barren lands the artist came across in her wanderings about.  Capturing photographs of landscapes [...]

February 3  -  February 14 2017

Again One More Time
Opening: January 20, 2017

Mohammadreza Mirzaei is passionate about photography and his photography generally possesses a self-reflective quality. Even so, his photographs come from different sources of inspiration. This approach may remind us of encyclopaedist authors such as James Joyce or Thomas Pynchon in that they whatever they knew, or read or experienced, they [...]

January 20  -  January 31 2017

Opening: January 6, 2017

O Gallery is pleased to present the newest collection of works on paper by Mona Omatali (b. 1982, Tehran). The reality of each of the images is either the artist herself, members of her family or people and spaces she has encountered.  The imagery is the portrayal of fragmentations based [...]

January 6  -  January 17 2017

Fluid Flipping Form
Opening: December 23, 2016

O Gallery presents “Fluid Flipping Form” by Shirin Sabahi; a collection of paper and fabric collages, in-situ window installations and a film. Having been inspired by Noriyuki Haraguchi's 1977 Matter and Mind (The Oil Pool) at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art and the anime series that she had [...]

December 23  -  January 3 2017

Group Exhibition
Opening: December 9, 2016

December 9  -  December 20 2016

Ebb and Flow
Opening: November 18, 2016

November 18  -  December 6 2016

Opening: November 4, 2016

O Gallery presents “Prevalence, ” a new collection of paintings by Alireza Chalipa (b. 1984, Shiraz).


… Just like the curved sharp cambrel that is hooked, time that is slowed, dragged and dense and … is then stopped.  Sight that is blurry, moist [...]

November 4  -  November 15 2016

Black and White
Opening: October 21, 2016

O Gallery presents “Black and White, ” a collection of works on paper by Samira Karbalaei (b. 1980, Tehran). The collection on display is the outcome of the artist’s continuous efforts to further utilize her chosen technique to better illustrate the impromptu and effective nature of drawing with charcoal. [...]

October 21  -  November 1 2016

Opening: October 7, 2016

O Gallery presents a collection of works on paper by Armin Ebrahimi (b. 1984, Tehran). In the collection on display, the artist represents his desires, dreams and complexities of a certain period in his career. Mostly done in black and white, with color dominantly used in the background, these figurative [...]

October 7  -  October 18 2016

Ghar Square
Opening: September 23, 2016

O Gallery presents “Ghar Square, ” a collection of photographs by Hamed Sodachi (b. 1984, Tehran). 
Ghar Square or more commonly known as Ghar Gate or Darvaze Ghar is a poor neighborhood in the south of Tehran. For the past fifty years, this neighborhood has been one of [...]

September 23  -  October 4 2016

The Redshift
Opening: September 9, 2016

O Gallery presents “The RedShift, ” a collection of photographs by Sina Boroumandi (b.1980, Tehran). 
The works on display are the outcome of three years of photography in the city of Tehran with cameras that were either made or modified by the artist. Having made his own pinhole [...]

September 9  -  September 20 2016

Group Exhibition
Opening: August 19, 2016

O Gallery is pleased to announce the first edition of 3 on 3, a valuable platform for emerging artists. Consisting of 5 exhibitions, each of these 2-week shows during the summer, showcase the work of 3 artists. Each selected artist will present a solo body of work at only one [...]

August 19  -  August 30 2016

Group Exhibition
Opening: August 5, 2016

O Gallery is pleased to announce the first edition of 3 on 3, a valuable platform for emerging artists. Consisting of 5 exhibitions, each of these 2-week shows during the summer, showcase the work of 3 artists. Each selected artist will present a solo body of work at [...]

August 5  -  August 15 2016

Group Exhibition
Opening: July 22, 2016

O Gallery is pleased to announce the first edition of 3 on 3, a valuable platform for emerging artists. Consisting of 5 exhibitions, each of these 2-week shows during the summer, showcase the work of 3 artists. Each selected artist will present a solo body of work at only one [...]

July 22  -  August 2 2016

Group Exhibition
Opening: July 8, 2016

O Gallery is pleased to announce the first edition of 3 on 3, a valuable platform for emerging artists. Consisting of 5 exhibitions, each of these 2-week shows during the summer, showcase the work of 3 artists. Each selected artist will present a solo body of work at [...]

July 8  -  July 19 2016

Group Exhibition
Opening: June 24, 2016

O Gallery is pleased to announce the first edition of 3 on 3, a valuable platform for emerging artists. Consisting of 5 exhibitions, each of these 2-week shows during the summer, showcase the work of 3 artists. Each selected artist will present a solo body of work at only one [...]

June 24  -  July 5 2016

You Cannot the Same River Twice
Opening: June 10, 2016

O Gallery presents “You Cannot the Same River Twice, ” a collection of works by Shahrzad Changalvaee (b.1983, Tehran). Shahrzad Changalvaee graduated from Tehran University with a BA in Visual Communication in 2006.  After graduation, her work was more focused on the use of sculpture, space, time and [...]

June 10  -  June 21 2016

The End of the Game
Opening: May 27, 2016

O Gallery presents “The End of the Game”, an exhibition of works on paper by Mehdi Darvishi (b. 1988, Doroud). The works on display are a product of five years of the artist’s dedication to printmaking, depicting his artistic vision to life and death. For Darvishi, in reality death is [...]

May 27  -  June 7 2016

Mute Theatre
Opening: May 6, 2016

In many of Nassir’s work, a narrative style can be recognized.  Not as one would expect of a rendition of a story but in a manner that the signs or associations suggestive of an event can be observed in his images; saved and documented images from popular tales.  But what [...]

May 6  -  May 25 2016

Resting Place
Opening: April 22, 2016

O Gallery presents “Resting-Place, ” a collection of recent paintings by Hamidreza Emami (b.1973, Mashhad).  By  portraying light and shadow in an excessive manner, simplifying surfaces and eliminating detail in his work,   Emami gives each work a mysterious and illusionistic quality, while capturing a realistic glimpse of [...]

April 22  -  May 3 2016

Opening: April 8, 2016

O Gallery presents “Map, ” Razieh Sedighian’s most recent collection of works on paper. Maybe they tell the story of the beginning of the world or perhaps its end. Basically an incident, as it happens in nature, the repetition in these maps are not characteristic of their elements [...]

April 8  -  April 20 2016

Group Exhibition
Opening: March 11, 2016


Fearless is about 31 artists from Iran who have been working and working regardless of the market’s madness. These 31 artists have been expressly chosen from various generations, from 25 to 75 years old. There is no age for [...]

March 11  -  April 3 2016

Group Exhibition
Opening: February 19, 2016

Damonfar Gallery in collaboration with Assar and O Galleries is pleased to present ‘Insomnia’, a group exhibition of works by young Iranian artists curated by Pooya Aryanpour opening on Friday, 19th February 2016.  The exhibition runs through Friday, 4th March 2016.

A decade ago, Damonfar Gallery organized [...]

February 19  -  March 4 2016

Opening: February 5, 2016

O Gallery presents "Ephemera, " a collection of photographs by Masood Hajjafarizadeh (b. 1980, Tehran).  For any photographer, photography is a process in which it contains the desire to create something eternal. By definition, photography is the man’s attempt to capture and freeze where in reality, the photograph that [...]

February 5  -  February 17 2016

Opening: January 22, 2016

گالرى اُ مجموعه‌اى از آثار چاپى كريم قانع را به نمايش مى‌گذارد. زمين‌هاى کم رونق، جاده‌هاى حاشيه شهر، ماشين‌ها، قراضه‌ها، قطعات صنعتى و فضاهای كارگاهی؛ گاه چهره‌ای از یک آشنا و گاه غریبه‌هایی که از دل شب بیرون می‌آیند، فضاى تصاوير او را شكل مى‌دهند. به سياق [...]

January 22  -  February 3 2016

Animal Farm
Opening: January 8, 2016

Apocalypse in Glass Jars

Kiana Ghiaee’s recent works illustrate humans trapped in glass jars and aquariums alongside irregular elements such as ships, military helicopters, vultures, crows, pigs, dolls and other objects. Ghiaee’s reference is to George Orwell’s novels 1984 and Animal Farm, but further beyond [...]

January 8  -  January 20 2016

The Sacred Fall
Opening: December 18, 2015

O Gallery presents "The Sacred Fall, " a collection of paintings by Soheil Mokhtar (b. 1985, Tehran). In the Garden of Eve, the greedy human committed a sin and thus established a sinful relation to the nature from the beginning of its creation. He was banished to Earth with a [...]

December 18  -  January 6 2016

Opening: December 4, 2015

O Gallery presents Quest, a selection of drawings, paintings and etchings by Farzin Rahneshin. In his works, there is a continuous exploration of life and death, construction and deconstruction, abstraction and realism. By portraying the transformations of humans in past, present and future, he tries to express their [...]

December 4  -  December 16 2015

Open Wiring
Opening: November 20, 2015

O Gallery presents “Open Wiring, ” a collection of works by Jinoos Taghizadeh (b. 1971, Tehran). The works on display embody the artist’s mental preoccupation for the past six years, implemented in a variety of different mediums. Though they may seem unrelated at first, they are all [...]

November 20  -  December 1 2015

Vacant Place
Opening: October 30, 2015

O Gallery presents “Vacant Place, ” an exhibition of the most recent collection of drawings by Mohammad Khalili (b. 1971 Torbat-e Jam). In continuation to his previous exhibitions, the works on display illustrate timeless and placeless spaces in unknown, mysterious and uncertain spectrums. In these drawings, the skies are portrayed [...]

October 30  -  November 11 2015

Thorn in the Eye, Bone in the Throat
Opening: October 16, 2015

October 16  -  October 28 2015

Opening: October 2, 2015

O Gallery is pleased to present "Games, " a solo exhibition by Shahla Hosseini (b. 1954 Tehran). Shahla Hosseini’s work is to play with the functional regularities of objects. Therefore, they are of game-like installations that are self-explanatory. The rules and regularities of games are not necessarily the same symbolic [...]

October 2  -  October 14 2015

The Wasteland
Opening: September 18, 2015

If it’s the twilight of sunset and you walk at the cemetery, you will be empowered by a strange feeling, as though the air entering your lungs is heavy. The odor of ecstasy and camphor fills your unconsciousness and weighs on your shoulder, you keep looking back! Watching [...]

September 18  -  September 30 2015

Group Exhibition
Opening: August 28, 2015

Drawing, as an untainted media maintains the minimum distance to the artist’s mind and provides him with the opportunity to experience at the moment. Drawing, with its infinite possibilities, is no longer a pre-exercise or sketch for a painting, sculpture or … nor is it limited to certain [...]

August 28  -  September 9 2015

Spectacle Appearance Gesture
Opening: August 14, 2015

The current collection on show, “Spectacle, Appearance, Gesture” comes from a project which studies the lingual relations between city and politics, and tries to ponder upon these mechanisms through the intra-art image – which is in a structural compliance with art – and examines [...]

August 14  -  August 26 2015

Opening: July 31, 2015

The gradual extinction of human civilization is what is at review in this collection. In these works, at first glance, Amin Shojaie expresses his concern for the nature and environment, and criticizes the relationship between the contemporary human and nature.

Using material detached from the nature, [...]

July 31  -  August 10 2015

Tehran: Tehran’s Historian
Opening: July 17, 2015

O Gallery presents an exhibition of photographs by Golara Jahanian (b.1986, Bojnourd).  As it appears from its title, "Tehran: Tehran's Historian" is a collection of 32 photographs and is the outcome of the artist's 3-year long journey in Tehran, the city she now lives in. Perhaps to claim [...]

July 17  -  July 29 2015

Group Exhibition
Opening: July 3, 2015


In continuation of O Gallery's support and representation of artists from other cities in Iran, O Gallery is pleased to present "Alleys, " curated by Behzad Nejadghanbar. Alley remains to be one of the constituent elements of any city: the in-between space of home [...]

July 3  -  July 15 2015

Opening: June 12, 2015

Press Release

What stands out in Amir Karimi’s paintings is the concept of time in its literal meaning. By painting such subjects as the fetus, a metaphor of anticipation, flower and butterfly, symbols of evanescent and unstable beauty, pupil, as the intermediary of memory recording in mind and [...]

June 12  -  July 1 2015

What I Have Worn
Opening: May 15, 2015

Press Release Masoud Keshmiri’s paintings illustrate his concern and interest in the human body and the expression of individuals’ internal and external characteristics. He tries to create an active dialogue between the human figure and the audience.

By choosing an identical background and painting only female figures, he [...]

May 15  -  June 9 2015

Opening: April 17, 2015

Press Release Omid Bazmandegan’s paintings are a replication of his intimate look and direct interpretation of his personal life and surroundings. Shiraz, the city that he lives and works in, is the main subject of his works. Bazmandegan, who tries to portray his life experience in a simple and [...]

April 17  -  May 11 2015

Newer Photographs
Opening: March 6, 2015

Press Release:

In Mohammadreza Mirzaei’s photographs, there is always a confrontation between “abstraction” and “pragmatism, ” and of course between “entity” and “null” which he considers the essential traits of photography. In his upcoming exhibition, Newer Photographs, which opens two weeks after the publication of his new book [...]

March 6  -  March 16 2015

Opening: February 6, 2015

Press Release

O Gallery presents Mona Omatali's (b.Tehran, 1982) first exhibition.  In her drawings, which are meticulously created in very small dimensions, Omatali pays attention to details and carefully selected angles of ordinary items which she finds in her milieu.  Taking advantage of different shades of [...]

February 6  -  March 2 2015

Opening: January 9, 2015


January 9 – February 2 2015

The invention of photography forever killed the desire for immortality in us. Photographs kill and transform subjects to objects. They slaughter us in our family photo albums and create museum-like objects. We take photographs and collect them in our [...]

January 9  -  February 2 2015

Event Horizon
Opening: December 12, 2014


December 12 2014 – January 5 2015

O Gallery is pleased to present “Event Horizon, ” a selection of drawings and paintings by Elham Yazdanian (b. 1979, Tehran).

Owing to Yazdanian’s earlier studies in interior design, her work has an architecture-like structure, while still [...]

December 12  -  January 5 2015

Opening: November 14, 2014


November 14 – December 8 2014

For its inaugural exhibition, O Gallery is pleased to present a selection of works on paper by Omid Moshksar (b.1972, Shiraz). Characterized by spontaneity, these ink on cardboards have been made with multiple layers in relatively long periods of [...]

November 14  -  December 8 2014