Afshin Chizari


Born in 1988 in Tehran, Afshin Chizari dropped out of Tehran University of Art after only two years of attendance.
Chizari’s life and career is a united response to three elements of memory, dreams and paradox. His obsession with details is the most obvious exposition of this mentality. For him the slowness caused by the nature of his technique is the modus operandi of a mnemonic comprehension.
Working in different media, his etchings, photographs and paintings are all created parallel to one another, leaving traces of resemblance amongst them.
Time, death and amnesia are what currently concern him in his body of work as he frequently proclaims his rage towards our new era of inaccurate existence, producing an imaginary criterion where we have to take a step back and pay attention to its entirety.
Though he currently lives in Tehran, he seems to wonder around looking for more secluded areas to work.

Selected Works

Installation Views